Wednesday, 19 June 2013

By the dozen?

No, not at all. Aquadoodling is a mood thing. On Monday I did not really do anything constructive (anywhere), so the two Monday aquadoodles needed editing this morning. It hasn't saved them, but given them some sort of justification. Below that is one I didn't really mean to exhibit, but since the idea of aquadoodling is to warm to the idea of painting and just put something down and not worry about it, I will add it to this blog, which is designed to record this aspect of my painting. None of these aquadoodles took very long. Retouching the first two took just as long as making them. In contrast, the painting at the end of this post took weeks!

estranged mookabird (ref to dynamic doodling blog)

this little pig...

just a game

Yesterday I was in better form, but painting proper stuff on my easel, so I only had time for one aquadoodle. 

gone for a swim
What aqadoodling has done for me in 5 days, fighting with canvases had failed to do for about 2 years: opened up the abstract path again. Many of my early paintings had beasties in them - strangely malformed or otherwise imagined animals. Then my ability to see these forms faded and with it the feeling for painting abstracts. During that time I painted one or two quite good surreal works and painted quite a few figurative works, but I'm not good enough at it to get the most out of that genre. I don't think I can go back to those early days of abstract freedom, but there are moments in these aquadoodles when I think I'm moving out of the black hole. During the two years quasi abstinence, I produced very few abstract  paintings of any note, and there isn't a beastie in any of them! Here's one:

many moons ago