Sunday, 26 May 2013

What shall I do now?

It's one of those days we used to get in late autumn, but now seem to be getting instead of late spring - 10°C, windy, raining, and absolutely no prospect of any sunshine. Strangely enough, my 4 year old hibiscus is thriving on the loggia.It had grown too tall and straggly for the window ledge, but it's getting lots of buds and this flower has already lasted 4 days, which is unusual for this plant.


Yesterday I bought this incredible orange flower (and immediately forgot its latin name). It's sitting between two petunias and I hope the sun will shine sometime soon so that it looks as lovely as it did during the short sunny interlude when I took the photo.

On my window ledge a quite old succulent suddenly (it seemed like overnight) gained about 5 inches in height and started flowering. I didn't even know it flowered! Nature seems to know all there is to know about how colours affest one another, judging from the red-green contrast on the succulent.

After having to have my little cat put out of her misery (cancer) on Wednesday I realise that I have been sharing her pain for weeks and now need time to get over exhaustion from too little sleep. It's hard to sleep when your cat has breathing problems, but needs to be near you for the warmth and comfort.
I drew a mandala in her memory:
hearts for Vicky


This morning I drew a second version of the template, this time concentrating on colour and avoiding sentimentaliy!

Keep smiling!

I should be working on paintings, but my studio is like an ice-box and no amount of heating gets it warm, so I'll probably do some more drawing instead. 

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