Saturday, 23 March 2013

Keeping going

For want of something useful to do, I spooled through some old writing stuff and came across so many unfinished stories that I decided to give them an airing. I must have thought them good ideas at the time, and there they were figuratively rotting away. I started some of them a long time ago - so ling ago that I hardly remembered them - including a rather amusing skit on the aristocracy, which I decided to take up first.
I've also written a fair amount of poetry in various styles. I came across two of my collection while I was plundering a file named 'old writings'. For a time I wrote abstract poetry inspired by the paintings of a Ukrainian friend, but that seemed to peter out. Probably my fault. Maybe Olga will see this entry on Facebook and decide to continue the project. The idea of free poetry based on paintings is not new. Some feelings you cannot put into words, others benefit from a linguistic bashing!

Paintings and poems by Faith

The two paintings shown here are abstracts (acrylics on canvas, each 50x50cm) I painted some years ago. I've no idea what drove me to choose this painting style because I've never made anything like it since, but I expect I had a reason. In fact, before that I had been experimenting with the techniques involved and one painting has now landed in the South of France, framed gorgeously in gold. A photo of it is included below these poems.  I don't think the poems were written beforehand but certainly round the time I made the paintings. The circus theme is fascinating and the trapeze is for me one of the most formidable and impressive 'tools of the trade', not least since I admire the dynamics of performance on such a contraption and have no talent for acrobatics!
space control I (90x90cm)
Looking at "space control I" I have to admit that I am again drawn to the technique and will take it up and free some of those empty canvases stacked up in a corner from their blankness.  I'm also rather amazed at the spirals, which seem to follow the concentric path of a trapeze. I think the paintings must have been made round about the same time.

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