Thursday, 7 March 2013

Catching up

That's an exaggeration, but not for long. I wrote a piece on pouring paints here and have been doodling diligently for months on end, mainly here. The organization that did the novel challenge last November has a new one coming up for April. I haven't decided what to write, though I've put a title on the website. But I'm quite tempted to write something totally different. Maybe a letter novel. That would be a real experiment and challenge. Before that I must finish correcting November's novel and I'm attached enough to those characters to write more about them. With 3 weeks to go before I have to act on a decision, I'm going to write a synopsis. I didn't do that last time. Most of the book was fairly consistent, but the corrections are horrendous since I did not know at the beginning how it was going to end, so I had lots of superfluous murder suspects! I was literally spoilt for choice.  

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