Saturday, 1 December 2012

There's always someone...

Oh dear. someone wrote a criticsm of (700 words) of the book. He jumped in at Unit 32 and complained that after 700 words the plot wasn't moving along!!!! I replied advising him/her to read faster........In fact the bit he commented on was dialogue serving to develop the characters a bit further. There are 2 murders and a suicide in the book. I think that's enough for a sleepy villiage story!

This is the negative side of the novel writing venture. A guy who probably usually reads comics or gangster epics clicks in on my harmless village crime story somewhere in the middle and makes a judgment. I will moderate all comments and only publish the positive ones. I see no point in sharing distructive or malicious views with anyone. I would rip up poison pen letters, too! That's the downside of the internet: anonymity giving freedom to nut cases and other menaces to society! 

Writing the book, I never imagined it would stand up to some of the spectacular stuff entered - and I do not think for one minute that all those books were created in one month. Professional authors use it to get fast writing done. But I wrote my (harmless) little book to prove I could do it! 

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