Friday, 23 November 2012

Van Waldron

When you read this quote you really have the spirit of wonderful painter in a nutshell, for this most accomplished artist says
"Try to finish your painting while you are still excited about it. Spend too much time, you lose interest and the picture begins to fall apart." (Van Waldron)

How true! Those tired looking unfinished paintings stacked up waiting to be rescued tell their own story of inspiration gone missing. Why did I do that, you ask yourself. No answer, and seldom enough motivation to carry on with them. But why?

The only answer is to scrap the really dodgy ones and transform the rest, however much it tugs at the heart-strings - after all, you started the painting with something in mind. There is no real reason for continuing it if your mind has moved on.

Van Waldron also said "Never be discouraged by the gap between what you imagine before you began and what you achieve. Each attempt is a challenge, each idea leads you toward what you will be able to do the next time."

I'd better look at those unfinished works again.

But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I hear you say. I'd reply saying the road to hell is not having any intentions!

My orange moon painting is hanging on the wal (see previous post). I have to look at it, whether it's finished or not, and do you know, sometimes a painting finishes itself! What is more, my third interpretation of the saying "many moons ago" is emerging from the mess on my easel and asserting itself. 

Where there's life, there's hope!

many moons ago III - unfinished

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