Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Going for a drive - challenge 97

Hours after I had posted my little doodle with the subtitle "no strings attached", challenge 97 turned up and lo and behold, it was a challenge to draw a tile without a string! I thought long and hard about this because lots  of my drawings are done without a visible string, though I usually have a shape in mind - which is often usurped by some pattern or other bursting its banks! So I started this drawing with a row of little spheres that turned a few corners before other patterns emerged. I do scout around for patterns, but usually vary them when the pen meets the paper.

I couldn't decide which angle worked best, so they are all here! The two small images do not work well. I think this has to do with the basic design, clearly a pyramid in the "drive" version, which is securely grounded. The "walk" version loses the pyramid shape but is still fairly well balanced. I turned the paper round a lot during the drawing process, so that doesn't explain the imbalance.

It may seem fussy, but I come across lots of doodles (zentangles) that I think are the wrong way up! Sometimes I go back to my own images and turn them round! This problem does not usually apply to conventional mandalas, of course.

going for a drive - no strings attached - best angle

going for a walk - no strings attached

on its head - unbalanced
odd - doesn't work at all