Sunday, 14 October 2012

How much innovation is a nuisance?

When I started zentangle style art (sophisticated doodling) I didn't know it would become such an intense activity. I had a slight disruption when I offered strings (the blueprints for the doodles) after a very short time and was told I knew nothing and should not be precocious - in so many words! 
The problem is that I am precoscious! And I'm always on the lookout for solutions, especially technical ones and especially in art and now in doodling. 
So yesterday I had a very good idea that I link to HERE. (You can find more of my doodle posts there, too)

An immediate response came from a zentangle warhorse. A page was created HERE (inspired by my idea) for people to download ready-made strings. The difference between our ideas is that mine requires and triggers the creative invention of the doodler from the very start, whereas downloading someone else's strings has already relinquished part of the process - it's a tiny bit like painting by numbers! The intentions of the ready-made string are not known to the recipient (downloader). That may, or may not be an advantage. 

Anyway, I was astonished that people find it difficult to draw a line or two, curved or straight, parallel or crossed, to invent any number of blueprints for doodles or - to use the word now in common circulation - 
zentangles and zentangle style art.

The drawing I like best of mine this week is this one:

wacky flowers 10x10cm
It's almost a monotangle - it would be if only one pattern had been used, but I didn't aim for that. I call these my "wacky flowers", but I don't think they are a real tangle pattern, just an invention of mine.

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