Monday, 29 October 2012

Getting ready to go!

Not just anywhere, but HERE. I have enrolled to take part in the 30 day marathon novel-writing bash and my brain has been deeply involved with what and how to write for the last couple of weeks. I've now made a decision! I will write sequel to a book I have been writing on and off for years. I don't know if I will ever finish that one. The characters are my friends now and every time I try to bring the book to some kind of happy end, something happens to one of them and I have to continue. I expect that's how soaps keep going, or how books get written in series. Anyway, this new book will take me 30 days and will end there, whether it's finished or not (?????). Since it's based on characters I'm familiar with, it will be easier for a  plot to emerge. I've already printed a list of who's who in the other book. That book has about 145 thousand words, which is twice the length of a normal novel, so I am confident that I will at least reach the stipulated 50 thousand words in four weeks. 

I have already written about 3000 words, but quite a lot will disappear as I  write, since the beginning is an orientation for me to get me going. One of the conditions of the undertaking is that there is no revision during the 30 day period. I'm not sure I can keep to that since one of the ways I get into the writing  mode and pace of what's already there is by reading what I wrote the previous day. But I will control that habit by numbering every day as a unit.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here's how I started. There is no guarantee that the beginning of the book will take this form, however. I'm glad that I built some shady characters into the first book a long time before this writing bash came up. They will be very useful as I envisage this book as a crime novel. I hope it doesn't get too violent!

Untitled as yet! I'll have to see what happens before deciding.

UPDATE: I have started a blog for the whole of this novel and am posting units as I write them (daily through November). Go here to read.

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