Thursday, 26 July 2012

Zentangle for beginners

This is exactly what I need - something to sooth my agitation. But as usual, I get ambitious when I start something. My first attempts were not too bad, but I need to practice the "tangles" (patterns), and reread a very good book called "The Zen of Seeing". Though the book is hellbent on getting the sketcher (painter, artist) to draw what he can see not what he thinks he can see (lots of books on realism preach this), it's probably a good idea because doodling (a "zentangle" is premeditated doodling) . You could say it is an extended form of mandala art and  is definitely therapeutic. For information about "zentangle", a patented trademark for something the Celts probably launched a few thousand years ago (Gustav Klimt  also comes to mind!) and some of the many links available go HERE. Below are my first attempts measuring 10x10cm.I must find a better way of photographing them with more clarity and I need much finer pens!


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