Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Looking for Faith

(atrial) fibrillation 60x70cm acrylics on canvas
The title of today's painting entry was one of the titles I chose for my autobiographical anecdotes. The name Faith is more often a curse than a blessing, but it does generate some rather nice (if empty) phrases. I'm determined to get away from my fussy way of painting, which spills over into abstracts and semi-abstracts and won't go away without something drastic happening. My newest attempt to cure myself is a series of abstracts using painting knives, at least to get going. Tremendous fun and amazing how fast something actually happens on the canvas. No more waiting for some kind of breakthrough. This afternoon I painted 3 new style abstracts, one of which (this one) I am going to leave as it is. Two need more work, but are still wet because the paint is impasto (acrylics). I've called this painting after the heart problem that became acute this year and for which I am still having treatment.

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