Friday, 18 June 2010

Silent movies shout!

YouTube is a mine of information. It's also a place to rediscover the past. Imagine we still had silent movies? This is one accompanied by the Savoy Havanna Band, playing music that is absolutely appropriate for the spirit of this witty movie and the spirit of an age of defiant gaity fraught by prejudice and corruption. Not having dialogue to guide him means the viewer has to use his imagination about what the participants might or must have said. But the greatest advantage is probably that instead of interminable arguments and discussions there's loads of ACTION going on. Emotions are displayed through uninhibited facial expression and gestures. These old silent movies are full of scurrilous characters - archetypes that are still relevant today. Of course, we watch them within the context of our own culture, but it's relevant to ask oneself if anything really has changed since Aristotle.  

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