Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Endless snow

It seems like we've had snow all winter, though actually we've only had two lots, but this time it's very persistent. I went out to move my car at dusk and the roads were freezing after becoming very wet from the thaw that is setting in. I'm glad I don't have to drive tonight and hope tomorrow will be less dramatic. I don't know how the little animals outside are faring. My cats seem to feel the cold through their fur. Here's a photo of Toby sitting on the window sill. Since heat rises, the window sill is the warmest place to be when the radiator is on. 

I did let him out in the snow once, but he couldn't make out what it was, his little feet were cold and he couldn't get back into the warm room fast enough. But both my cats are not used to going outside. My other cat is very small and delicate and is not allowed out at all even on the balcony because she is an excellent vaulter!  She spent one dark night somewhere in the garden and it was extremely difficult to get her back in because she had forgotten who I was, or was she pretending? 

I'm under the weather this week, with a horrendous cough and fighting hard against whatever bug has hit me. My creative energy is at a low ebb and I would like to sleep for 48 hours at a stretch. I'll stop writing now and head for the sofa.

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