Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What is a statement?

Most artists have a "statement". It seems to be the fashion and it may be a necessity, but how far down the road of self-delusion an artist goes is of course entirely up to him.

This is a translation of a blurb for a workshop. I once started a collection of these gems, but gave up because there's simply no end to the inventiveness of the texts and they often bear no obvious relationship to the works of the respective artist. It seems as though an artist turns esoteric at the challenge of explaining or maybe just discovering a motivation for his work that will ring the right bell with the viewer. So I wonder what this artist actually does? - No need to guess. I googled him and here's a link: horsepower . I translated the webpage title, too!

"Experience today how the artist ......... consciously integrates natural guidelines and intuition into his creative process. He thereby uses the special features of the various elements as form-giving force and integrates himself into the natural processes. In this way the heat of the sun, the icy cold of winter, the various features of rain, the flowing energy of water, the transforming energy of fire and the manifold dynamics of the wind give form and colour to his paintings and objects."

Any the wiser?

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