Saturday, 10 October 2009

Two for one

Yesterday (Friday) morning I woke early with a plan! That doesn't happen every day, but all week I've been thinking about how to deal with the biggest paintings in my collection. One of them is a very bright abstract 150x150cm square that is too wide for my car, or any normal car. The idea was to make 4 smaller square canvases and staple them to new frames. OK. The only other problem was where was the fat roll of canvas, already separated from its original stretchers? I did eventually find it. I then printed an image of the painting and cut it into 4. Useless. I'd have to settle for two long panels and the result looked OK. Then I measured the paintings and went off to the art store to get the stretchers. The paintings are now 65x140cms because the long stretchers are standard and I couldn't risk one step larger because of wrapping the canvases all the way round. I took the precaution of wetting the back of the canvas, which is linen and absorbed a fair amount of water. I then stapled the paintings round the stretchers and left them to dry overnight. The result is OK. The stretchers could be pulled out a bit, but I forgot to bring pegs with me. But there's no hurry.
They look pretty good, actually, and will look even better after a little renovation! Here they are:

The loss of several centimeters on each edge has not affected the overall design because the elements are very large. Spurred on by this success I'm going to deal with the second canvas that size. That's just trees in a forest and took ages to paint in pointillist style. I know exactly where it will fit in the exhibition. I'm really excited about this! Here's the original 150cm square!


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